My Top 10 Afrobeat Songs From Upcoming Artist

June 05, 2018

 Hello Guys,
So I decided to blog about music today because honestly, it was my first love way before makeup and fashion. I sing all the time especially with my bestie and perform it like it is a Beyonce concert lol. So I got inspired to do this post from the amazing Naomi Campbell's Afrobeat Playlist. So I decided to do on but on upcoming artists who deserve a lot more recognization than they actually get such as; my favourite twins SanxSaini and artist like Nonso Amadi who I've been jamming to way before people finally caught on to the song Tonight. I have always loved listening to underground artists because truth be told some of their songs sound better than some of the known artists because you can hear the passion in their voices to make music. So here are my Top 10 songs and if you notice a lot of them have a very chilled vibe because it is not every day Shaku Shaku lol. My SoundCloud playlist with all song is before. 

 This is Offcloth by SanxSaini. If you know me you know my obsession with twins you'll understand why I like these two and they do music so great bonus. This is actually a freestyle and believe me when I say I am HOOKED! and I already know the chorus. It has a very chilled vibe which I love and it is very catchy. This song can literally make somebody "Off Cloth" (but I am just walking past o) Check them out and I believe this is the beginning of great things to come for this duo. Enjoy and thank me later and Biko nobody should blame me for the bad behaviour that happens after listening to this song.
Instagram: SanxSaini_1 & SanxSaini_2

 Shout out to my guy Peerayce with the voice of an angel. This song is soft and can have you in your feelings small lol. His vocals definitely give me life and that is a talent you can never take away from this young man. Another artist I have real mad love for and the sky is just the beginning for this young man. Another one you will thank me for. 
Instagram: Peerayce

 Musmah Musmah what can I say but his EP Hotel Hamdala was a jam for me. It gives you dark room vibes that is the vibe that Musmah gives me anyway. I obviously am a huge Mr Eazi fan so I was in love when they dropped this song together it was amazing... I must wear Designer o! 
Instagram: Musmah

 Here we are at the cutie who is Zizibo. Zizibo to the world and back. He was one of the first upcoming artists that had me falling into this rabbit hole of amazing sounds. This song was literally an obsession the first time I heard it. I had it on a few of my YouTube videos and when I was on DJ AuxCord duties best believe you must hear this song. Of course, his hair goals makes him that much more likeable. Zizibo if you ever see this we don't only need music we need a hair care routine lol. 
Instagram: Zizibo

 Hameed Idowu another OG for me. He was also one of the first artists I listened to and loved him. He gives like AfroTrap vibes and is also part of that chilled vibe community. He sings the songs that you bop your head to and dab your destiny away. Especially with tracks like Bad Man and WMN honestly, have you feeling like a gangster and like you can conquer the world.
Instagram: SimplyHameed

So this song is definitely a vibe let me you hear you say Osha Pran Pran. I just discovered him yesterday and he has made it to the list that is to tell you how good the song is. This song is really a perfect description of A Day in Lagos. I love it we need more jams like this Buju... we will be waiting....If we don't get more bangers ahhh he will hear from my lawyers lol.

 SK oshey gani! This song can make you break it down and forget your home training when the beat drops. I still have not heard one bad song from SK he is always dropping fire. It is a hit back to back. At this point, I feel these artists should have me as their hype woman, to be honest. I am definitely a fan of SK's. The sky is also the foundation for this "Mr Man". Shaku Shaku and thank me later o.
Instagram: KrystalCityuk

 Now we are here at the current golden boy of underground afrobeat. Everyone is currently on the vibe of Tonight but I actually love the songs I was listening to before people even really knew about Nonso such as; Deny. I love this song it's slow and emotional but I LOVE IT! Nonso needs to drop more songs like this and Radio. He is clearly a love songwriter and I love that about him he does not do the songs that make noise lol. Sometimes let us cry and think about the "men are scum" movements lol. Listen and grab some tissues because trust me throughout this song you'll be asking "who's cutting onions here"
Instagram: NonsoAmadi

The same thing that was written about oga SK above still applies. (yes I was too lazy to rehype SK)

Last but surely not least is bad boy Minz... lol well just Minz but I like to talk like they are my G's lol. Minz gives us authentic also Afrobeat vibes. You will dance and get tired. This is the song that girls will be singing as if it is about them lol. Our first song on this list will make you off cloth this song will make you off shoe. Shout out to you Minz and this is another artist I hope to hear more bangers from and is perfect for your YouTube videos also. 
Instagram: Minznse

Thanks all for reading this look down below for a playlist of all songs mentioned and I hope you had a good laugh reading this like I did writing it.

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