Roses are RED....

February 11, 2018

 I am back on the fashion wave. So I have been feeling very fashionable lately, and I had to put this look together literally in 10 mins and so effortlessly. I definitely will be slaying more looks, once I get my photographer situation situated. I am absolutely loving the Beret movement going on lately it is giving me so much life. My favourite way to rock my Beret for me is with short hair like this, gives very Parisian vibes.

Like I said in my last fashion post, My fashion advice when purchasing Berets is do not just play safe with a black one, also make the plunge and get a few colourful ones. Mine was a bit on the pricey end, only because I had actually purchased it whilst on holiday in Paris from a souvenir shop. As we all know souvenir shops just know how to rob us of our coins lol. Red has honestly become my favourite colour to accessorise with and that's why I LOVE everything to do with this outfit.  If you have been following my Instagram long enough, you will know that petite bags have been my current loves. This bag especially has been my go to one since I purchased it. It is small enough to grab and go but it also fits all my essentials in it. Maybe I shall do a 'What's in my bag' post soon because some people don't understand how I can go about day to day with a small bag.  Here are all the outfit info and links......

Beret:: Paris Souvenir Shop (Similar)
Top:: NIKE (Something Cute)
Skirt:: Missguided (Similar)
Fishnets:: Primark (Similar)
Shoes:: Vans (Link) CURRENTLY ON SALE
Bag:: Micheal Kors (Link)
Watch:: Micheal Kors (Link)
Hoops:: Primark (Link)

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