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September 05, 2016

 Hello My lovely blog readers,
I have come again with a new post. I am going to be showing my favourite skin care products I have been using, to keep my skin glowing and happy. I have learnt that you don't have to use too many products, to have good skin. Here are a few pointers as to what to focus on when getting skincare products.

1. You simply have to find something that works for you and stick to it, remember LESS IS MORE!

2.I would also advice to switch up products every now and again so your skin doesn't get too used to it and then it stops having an effect on your skin.

3. Also find out what type of skin you have, is it oily/combination or is it dry? Finding out your skin type really helps as it would be the basis for the products you actually choose to purchase.

4.Get a skincare routine and STICK TO IT! If you don't stick to it then all that money would be spent in vain.

5. NEVER EVER EVER sleep with your makeup on. That is the worse thing to do to your skin. it would clog up your pores. Always follow your face wipes with a face wash to fully get all the dirt out of your pores and skin.

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 Step 1:Wipe your face
I use the Garnier Micellar cleansing water, to wipe off the main parts of my makeup. This breaks down the top layer of my makeup and makes the rest of my skin care routine run a lot smoother. Micellar water is the best cleanser I have ever used. It does not contain any alcohol and cleans very easily.

Step 2: Washing your face
I use one of two items, to wash and deep clean my face. I either reach for my ACNE.ORG cleanser or I use my all time favourite Biore charcoal pore minimiser. The cleanser throughly cleans your face leaving you with a squeaky clean feeling, which is perfect for getting all your makeup off. Whereas the Biore cleans your face however goes one step further by exfoliating your face using the microbeads in the charcoal wash.

Step 3: Benzoyl Peroxide Gel
Benzoyl Peroxide us rye most effective treatment for acne. It is the only education capable of penetrating the skin and delivering oxygen, which is terrible for oxygen as acne bacteria can not live in the presence of oxygen. Its penetration power means that the Benzoyl Peroxide clears acne almost immediately. This is why I love it because after using it by the next morning I can feel a clear difference in my skins condition.

Step 4: Moisturise!
After using the Benzoyl Peroxide, it does tend to dry out my skin a bit. So as the regime quite rightly states moisturising it very necessary whilst following this routine. It helps combat the drying effect that is caused by the Benzoyl Peroxide.

Step 5: Lip Care
I usually end my skincare routine by doing a lipscrub and i'm currently loving the Forever21 apple lipscrub and then moisturising my lips with my Carmex lip balm.

That is it from me today people. Hope this is helpful and gives you some insight into my skincare routine. Until next time be safe! Don't forget to check out my social media.

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