HAPPY SNACKING with Graze + 2x £5 vouchers to give away

April 07, 2016

Hello Beautiful People... Have you heard of GRAZE? Well it is a company that makes healthy snacks for people on a diet or people who simply want to eat healthy. I have tried it and honestly I love it and I also like the fact that you get to choose the products you would like in your box or even tick which ones you would like to be sent soon. So keep reading for more on how you can get some free boxes and great deals. For my UK readers, I have 2 £5 vouchers for Graze so hit me up in my Instagram DMs, Email or Snapchat. 

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Instagram: Browneyed8
Twitter: LaraiKwasau
Snapchat: Larai8

 So in my box I got Strawberries & cream Granola, Mango and Coconut, Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky, The Graze Brownie. You can now get your 1st, 5th & 10th GRAZE box completely free using my discount code "LARAIK6QB" just visit Graze.com, pick what snacks you like and order then you can start receiving your box at  £3.99 but remember using my code"LARAIK6QB" gives you your 1st,5th & 10th box FREE. HAPPY SNACKING! 

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