How to: Meat Pie

March 16, 2015

Hey guys,
So it was mothers day yesterday and me and mummy decided to make some meat pies. If you are a committed reader of my blog, you would have noticed that I have replaced the music section if my blog, with a lifestyle section which I am glad I did. Now having a lifestyle page, I can blog about my second love which is food. This is going to show a step by step of how I make this delicious pies, which are very popular with Nigerians.This post is going to be quite a long and detailed post so bare with. Lets get straight to it...

First, you start with flour. I always use self raising flour, so I will advise that because I don't know what it would turn out like, with plain flour.

Next, you follow in with butter. I use butter strictly for baking. I mix this in with the flour, until it looks like bread crumbs. 
Then afterwards, I follow in with water. This is a key ingredient as this is what makes the mixture stick and make dough. 
DOUGH COMPLETE! This is what your dough should look like perform you proceed. It has to feel soft, and not powdery or breaky.
After making your dough to your perfect liking, next you have to prepare your filling. You start by adding some oil into the pan. i used Sun flower oil, and then I add my mince beef into the pan and let it begin to cook.

I added all my favourite spices, and seasonings into the mixture. I also added Carrots, Peas and Potatoes into it. This will make the filling tasty and make the consumer feel like they have eaten a proper meal. 
This is what the filling should look like when you're done cooking it.

These are the items you will need
 Brush: I use the the kitchen brush to spread the beat egg all over the pies, before putting them into the oven.
 Rolling pin: To roll out the dough, before add the filling.
I am just showing the two options you have. I have the marble rolling pin and I also have a wooden, use which ever is most comfortable for you.
Finally, You'll need a small butter knife and a fork. You'll see what they're for later.

Now to making the actually meat pie.
You start off by rolling out the dough, into a flat piece of dough.

Next, you add the filling into it. Easy!
You then fold that flat piece of pastry, in half with the filling inside. 
 You then cut round the pastry, to make it into a perfect semi-circle. This is what that butter knife is used for.
 Using that fork, you press down on the edges of the semi-circle. This helps seal the the pie and stops the filling, from coming out. Then using the fork, poke breathing holes on the top of the pie.
Then using the knife again, cut around the edges to give it a clean finish. 
 Break an egg or two, depending on how many meat pies you make. Break them into a bowl, and beat  it fully. Using the brush, spread it onto the top of the meat pie. This is what gives it that golden colour.
 Place foil on the oven trays. Place the meat pies, onto the trays. Make sure to pre-heat your oven at 200degrees. 
After about 30-40 minutes flip the meat pies over and leave them for about 10 minutes. This is it.
Take them out, and you have your meat pies.
TA-DAH! Hope you try this at home. ENJOY!

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